How To Change Your Life And Change The World

The scientific means of dream sense proves to the circle that God is the dream grow and all emotional illnesses are generated by Satan (our antiquated anti-consciousness), which employ the biggest part of our brain.

Therefore, knowledge relieve us discover that all religions are accurate, and that all vagary contain precious messages that remedy mental eucrasy problems that have no cure that God is a mahaut doctor.

God sends you the psychotherapeutics you need in order to become a wise and caring hominine being and He can succor you recover your conscience even after its destruction. All dream images give you influential instruction about your subjective healthfulness and your behavior. You also learn how the forward will be unroll and many other things that are disimagine by the tartuffish world.

The reality that your satanic anti-conscience is a horrible monster that is constantly trying to lay waste your fragile conscience is a tragedy, but you can eliminate this drama thanks to your obediency to God’s direction in your revery.

God assist you interrupt being controlled by your violent nature, and go a saintling. You syn a deep process of translation based on acquiring sensibility and shift your behavior.

You also comprehend that you have the obligation to metamorphose the mankind into a better place for everyone.

This is a censure that the human race must suppress retire.

Now, what can we do in direction to change the dramatic situation of the world and coward all intellective disorders once and for all?

What can we do in order to assist everyone find the ideal person and have a happy family?

How can we suspend making misjudge, and stop suffering ask of their tragic consequences?

How can we resolve our existential and companionable problems, and find peace?

We can conform God’s direction in our dreams and learn how to have the right mindset and the right behavior. We can work hard and do everything we can to save our human side and protect our conscience.

We can win every goal for now we can catch God’s words in dreams.

Now that the vagary language was dead and simplified, and now that the entity of the infernal anti-conscience was invent we can finally have a direct intercommunication with God.

Now we know our proposition, and now we can assume God’s wisdom.

The scientific order of sweven version tell by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the solution humankind needed in command to stop having mental euphoria problems and prevent mental bustle because God is the dream producer.

God can care all mental disorders. God can correct all our misjudge and support us definitively stop making error.

Everything serve on our intended obedience to His wise guidance.

We must admit that God cognize how to explain all problems that have no solution and trust His dexterity, after review the depth of our absurdity and evilness.

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