Tag: Understanding And Overcoming Hemorrhoids

Understanding And Overcoming Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are very trite and often they cause considerable trouble. They are small tumors consist in of enlarged, twisted and varicosed blood-vessels in the web of the rectum, appearing at the edge of or just within the anus and object considerable ache during evacuation of the manure. Sometimes the mucous meninges is extended without the anal opening. The veins often come congested, and frequently suit occluded by blood clots. There may be external or interior emerods, also bleeding and itching hemorrhoids, but the cause is really the same in all cases. The accidental variety may be seen at the margin of the anus as small, hard, rounded, purplish masses. The internal variety may or may not proirude through the arsehole. Though piles are estimate by most members of the medical cl...